grandma said god must need a little angel

our family has been through so much since march. creating our unit. it's been like putting a jigsaw together- the kind you don't realize has 25,000 pieces until you open the box. but just when i feel like the framework is done and a picture is being made we find out we're losing a piece.

angel, our 1 and a half year old goldendoodle has cancer. for months we thought it was something called a hygroma. friday the biopsy results concluded her fate.

i've never experienced losing an animal like this. mostly i'm numb. other times i curl up behind her (angel is a spooning dog), wrap my body around hers and the sadness makes it hard to breathe. if it weren't for inappropriate humor i don't know what i'd do. ben is extremely helpful in this area. he also takes us to the funnest place in all the land (lowe's) to cheer us up.

thinking of the last month with angel brings me real comfort. long rides up north with her in the back of our pickup. boat rides, swimming, fetching sticks and chasing new kitties. being loved to pieces by all kinds of family she didn't know she had. hearing her morning wookiee-call again. and finally getting to eat pork chops, doritos and peanut m&m's.

arthur said i hope i get to see angel when i go to heaven. i do too.

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