ripping out pages

yesterday was frustrating. nothing was working out like i wanted it to. i actually posted a piece but took it down shortly after. it's hard for me to share my mistakes. i'm getting used to using this blog as a safe forum for them and everything in between. intellectually, i know i can't learn without them. emotionally, i like to sweep them under the unusually large (yet tasteful) tapestry in my head.

in high school, i used to rip pages of "imperfections" from my sketch journal. i saved this note from my art teacher senior year. what a reminder of truths.

*a little insight into the following note: i was a wee bit of an angry girl towards the end of high school. i kept a notebook with me at all times and wrote a lot of bad poetry. i mean A LOT. also, i had bangs.

so today i've lightened up and decided bunnies should have belly buttons.

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jessica said...

haha, what great note! art teachers, yea gotta love them. i love all these new posts by the way....and the bunny is so yummy!