3 year anniversary

SOMETIMES it's difficult not to tell you how much I love Ben. Seeing as it's our 3 year wedding anniversary today I think I can get away with it just this once.

Sometimes it's also difficult not to tell you how hard we have worked to get here. Because it didn't start out like this. It's taken a process I can't begin to put into words. Just that somewhere along the way we started to heal and let go of old pain and expectations born in dark places of our hearts long before we met.

Ben is the most beautiful, hilarious, loyal, nurturing, (stubborn), generous man I have ever known and my best friend. He loves me for who I truly am—a loving, creative, passionate (slightly self-absorbed) beam of light—and has helped me become my best me so far.

So happy anniversary Bear. Thank you for teaching me how to be loved and love myself. I adore you. -Punx


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congrats! :)

joy patrice said...

thanks guys :)

Anonymous said...

Never lose your passion, it's contagious.
Glad you've found love, it's beautiful.