resolutions and art


THIS PAST MONTH has been good for me. Made a few New Year's resolutions...
  • cook dinner every week
  • prepare for my first time traveling to Europe (!)
  • and lose 20 lbs (I can't believe I just said that one out loud)
Anyways, I like the path I'm on. I've never been really good at personal accountability so it feels good to be committed and focused.

The only negative is that I have a hard time getting it up to make art. I'm not beating myself up about it—I know it's always there, patiently waiting for me to come out and play—but it's just not happening for now.

So even though there's no new art of my own to post, I am excited to share two new pieces I've received from others!


Meet "Claude de France," a Prickly Plaque made by mixed media, assemblage and collage artist Suzanna Scott. I fell in love with Suzanna's work IMMEDIATELY and knew I had to have this piece. You should check out the rest of Suzanna's shop on Etsy. Her stuff is unbelievably affordable, too!


And the second piece of art we added to our collection is this amazing painting by Midwest artist Edward G. Kelley. It was a gift from my in-laws who bought Kelley's works at an auction not too long ago. Isn't she breathtaking? All those strokes of mint and mauve against the black. I love it more every time I sit and stare.

Nola wants you to know she loves it, too.



Suzanna Scott said...

So lovely to see Claude in her new home!! Love how you've paired the "prickly plaque" with the antlers too.

Jeremy said...

what a badass painting!

cant wait to see all the collaging material you find on your european trip! be sure to bring at least $10,000 for that :)

Anonymous said...

Did they get this painting in Galena? I think I was bidding on it. I also purchased several Kelleys!

joy patrice said...

Hi Anonymous,

You know, I think it was Galena. Glad to hear you have a few too! He was a hidden gem, really special to share a piece of that :)

Thanks for commenting!