hover craft 2012


TWO WEEKS AGO I was lucky enough to participate in Hover Craft, a one day Milwaukee Art, Craft and Maker show. It was more than I could have hoped for, all around. The atmosphere, the people, the music, the goods—it was perfection. And I am so very grateful to the ladies of Hover Craft for putting on such an event. That was no simple task!

So for someone who doesn't find many opportunities to sell their artwork, being accepted to Hover Craft was the greatest motivator to really get my shit together and sort of curate my own mini gallery. And I have to admit, seeing over a year's worth of work pulled together into one spatial vision... tingles. Just an amazing sense of accomplishment and validation.

And now, since the experience is over, I feel like it's given me permission to move on and explore what's next. In the end, artistic discovery feeds an insatiable beast inside me. And she hungry.



Brooke said...

Whoa, homie... its awesome! Love your stuff! XO

Joy Patrice O'Brien said...

Brooke, you're very sweet and that means so much coming from you! xo back at you